Photographing her subjects organically and naturally allows portrait photographer Lydia Panas to express something so
revealing and vulnerable.  Her depictions seem to tell an entire back-story through the penetrating gazes, facial expressions
and body languages of those found in one simple frame.  Her exploration of relationships through her photos is unique and beautiful,
as tensions, 
friendships, conflicts and feelings of love all seem to be floating around in the air between people.  Often she takes a
step back and allows the models to arrange themselves, creating portraits that are full of pure vulnerability and emotion.  
Sarah Rowland,   The Ones We Love

I asked the models three questions:  What do you long for?    What do you regret?     What are you afraid of?  

"I long for the carefree feeling of being a child again. I fear the darkness that lives in this world."

"What terrifies me right now, is that the real me won't make it in this society...I'm afraid this life will sink me."

"I long to leave behind me something meaningful (along with my children) and permanent, such as -- even two or three truly great poems."

"I am afraid of not being able to have children. My grandmother got cervical cancer and had to have everything removed.  I'm not so much afraid of the cancerous cells, but of the possibility of not being able to have children."

"It's like Frankie said: 'I've had a few (regrets), but then again, too few to mention."

All photographs from this series are available as 32 x 40" or 20 x 24" limited edition, chromogenic prints.
This series is available as a traveling exhibition.