“I looked at the others, my sister and my cousins.  My sister’s face was drowsy, eyes half-lidded,
her cheeks and nose flushed with sunburn.  Sandy was playing with her ring, twisting it on her finger. 
Jane had crossed her arms on her inner tube and laid her cheek o them, her long brown hair trailing in the water,
rising and falling with the waves.  I waited for them to say something, or to look at me, but they didn’t. 
If there was anything to know, they didn’t know it.  I didn’t know if I wanted a different life,
or I didn’t know if I wanted it enough.  But something was going to happen. 
I felt almost sure of it.”

Mary Grimm, “Back Then”

Quinn 3.jpg

            All photographs in this series available as 32 x 40"  signed, limited edition prints.