A series of video installations exploring silence.

Unlike traditional language and representation, which has conventions and codes that have established
the agreed-upon meanings of words, silence opens up a space where meaning is not entirely clear. 
It demands the audience to infiltrate that space as an active, invested participant.
Emma Herrick

7:12 Minutes
Performer: Layla Plaza

We’re always selecting what we say and what we don’t.
Why do we say one thing and t not the other?
… For me, silence had always been another form of communication.
After all, you can tell so much just by looking at a person.”
Herta Muller, Author

4:20 Minutes
Performer: Emily Strong

9:42 Minutes
Performer: Emily Snyder

9:35 Minutes
Performer: Corinne Justus

9:23 Minutes
Performer: Linda Aragon

5:01 Minutes
Performer:: Emily Snyder

05:36 Minutes
Performer: Monae Mallory

4:55 Minutes
Performer: Jenna Kazmar