A series of video installations exploring silence.

“We are always selecting what we say and what we don’t. Why do we say one thing and not the other?
Silence is another form of communication. You can tell so much by looking at a person… There is the silence
of others and there is also the silence that is self-imposed, because you could never say what you
really thought. A lot of people talk a lot of the time, and much of it is pointless. People talking about
themselves, on and on about nonsense.” Herta Muller, Author

Minutes: 4:20
Performer: Emily Strong

“Unlike traditional language and representation, which has conventions and codes that have established
the agreed-upon meanings of words, silence opens up a space where meaning is not entirely clear. 
It demands the audience to infiltrate that space as an active, invested participant.”
Emma Herrick

9:35 Minutes
Performer: Corinne Justus

5:01 Minutes
Performer:: Emily Snyder

05:36 Minutes
Performer: Monae Mallory

4:55 Minutes
Performer: Jenna Kazmar