Bus Shelters Project / Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
May 2 - June 30, 2016
With Communities in Schools + S. Mountain Middle School
Funded in Part by the PA Council on the Arts/PPA Project Stream/ Lehigh Valley Arts Council

Interview / /Monday, May 9, 6pm

May 28, 2016

THE MORNING CALL / April 30, 2016

I asked the students two questions: ‘What do you long for?” and ‘What are you afraid of?'  

I’m afraid of singing in front of people and I hope that people can see the real me…  

I afraid of dying, singing horribly, knives, fire, and falling from high places, and I’m scared of heights, and the dark and throwing up and getting sick.  

I hope to get a good phone, be a NFL football quarterback, a lawyer, be in the army, get a hoverboard, respectful kids, long lasting life, not to get cancer, not to be homeless and to be able to feed my kids, go to heaven, and not somewhere else, make good money and support myself.  

I’m scared of many things – I’m scared of performing on stage and certain bugs.  
I’m also scared if I don’t make it in life. 

I’m afraid of people, and of fire.
I hope to be a game designer, and to make many friends without the fear of being picked on, and not being poor or too rich,
and have a good home and a good job.

I’m afraid of people judging me and losing my mom and dad.
I hope to get good grades. I want to be smart, and I want to give money to the homeless. 

I hope to go to college and I want to give money to the homeless, and I hope not to do drugs.
I’m afraid of failing school, and afraid of losing my family and friends.  

I’m afraid of aging.  And growing up.
I hope for no more global warming. And for perfect health (not getting sick or disease). 

ALLENTOWN /  Hamilton + 24th Streets, Hanover + Plymouth Street, Hanover + Wahnetta, Susquehanna + Ellsworth Streets,
Union Blvd + Plaza, Lehigh + Vultee Streets, 7360 Windsor Drive, Imperial Way + Windsor Drive, Nestle Way

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