AFTER SARGENT    2012 - 2013

Panas' portraits are not like anyone else's.  Her subjects might feel awkward in front of the lens, but they know they
are being caressed by Panas' camera...  What an honor and what a gift when Panas transforms her model into a
work of art.  Like all great portraitists, she does not flatter, she probes.  Her pictures are disquieting. The people
in her pictures are struggling to
be 'themselves' even as they begin to realize, during the course of the intimate
exchange that is at the heart of Panas' photography, the impossibility of the endeavor.  The search for
oneself is the 'conflict' she photographs.   Gail Buckland, Curator, Author, Photo Historian

I asked the models three questions:  What do you long for?      What do you regret?       What are you afraid of?

"There's only one thing that I'm truly afraid of.  Growing up.  Bills, 4 by 4 foot apartments, big girl jobs, limitation of tatoo-able areas, tying the knot, miniature versions of myself, responsibility.  I'm scared of it all."

"I don't want to be someone who just takes up space in the world. I long to do something that I can be proud of."

"I'm afraid the ones closest to me are the ones who know me the least."

"My biggest regret is not knowing twenty years ago what I know now."

"I long to be in love and have someone love me."

"The only thing I am afraid of is spiders. They can bite you and harm you, but if they are in cages at the zoo, I am fine."


All photographs from this series are available as 30 x 30" or 19 x 19" limited edition, chromogenic prints.
This series is available as a traveling exhibition.