CHOCOLATE, HAIR + LINT     2000-2002  
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The images are made in isolated close-up with dark toning. They suggest either
archaeological artifacts (which someday they will be) or sacred relics.  They're
not as mundane as one would expect; rather, they're thought provoking.
                                                                        Edward Sozanski, Philadelphia Inquirer

The stacked chocolate baking bricks are bittersweet in the manner that chocolate is used
to ameliorate the anxiety or shame a woman feels as almost a reward for suffering. However,
as the artist questions, how much chocolate does it take to justify a life?

That these observations are presented as art and made sequentially makes them a
tool of self-awareness and ultimately questions what our collective needs are. 
I mean, why keep a record of something if it isn't important.
                                                                                   Ron Schira, Reading Eagle

0017_Twenty Nine Cycles.jpg

From 2000 - 2002, I collected blocks of chocolate, hair that fell from my head and lint
from my clothes dryer. These collections related to time passing, work around the house,
fears and desires.  They were symbolic of what we discard and what we lose as a result.
                         As markers of time, the images recall what falls away and what is gained.




JARS 2002