2017 - in progress

Oh, promised land, what a wicked ground. Build your dream, tear it down.
                                                                                                      Natalie Merchant



I am still trying to break the habit of apologizing for myself - even though I have little hesitation in asking
for help on projects - asking for myself brings out the old, 'Please excuse me'.   
                                                                                                                      Ann Hamilton

Using smeared lipstick, stains and spills, the images from ‘Promise Land’ communicate conflicting pressures girls feel as they grow up.

Our early hopes and expectations - the belief that we can do anything - leave us at odds as we internalize resistance from society. Are we too
much or
not enough?   We learn to be both cautious and defiant - promised a kingdom, we are continually silenced.  How
do we stand up when we are perpetually taught to sit down?

Suspended between the desire to communicate and the fear of being exposed, we walk a tightrope between hiding and wanting desperately
to be seen.  The photographs from 'Promise Land' blur the boundaries of what society expects from us and the loss of childhood innocence.

                                           Prints in this series available as 30 x 30"  signed, limited edition prints.