2017 - in progress

Oh promised land
What a wicked ground
Build your dream, tear it down.
Natalie Merchant


Spills and Stains

Paper Crowns

Our collective bias against women creates double standards and unattainable demands. As women come forward with allegations they
are labeled as liars, too sensitive, too emotional, too malicious or promiscuous.  The issue is compounded when women are bombarded with contradictory messages: be strong, be sexy, be beautiful, be powerful, in every aspect of their lives. My series "Promise Land" speaks to conflicting pressures women face. These studio portraits of women of varying ages feature smears, stains and spills as metaphors for what we wish to conceal but cannot suppress. Our early hopes and expectations, the belief that we can do anything, leave us at odds as we mature and
internalize resistance from society.  Are we too much or not enough? We learn to be both cautious and defiant - promised a kingdom,
we are continually silenced.  How do we stand up when we are perpetually taught to sit down? 

         I recently started incorporating video in my work as a way to capture an extended portrait. They can be found at

           Images from this series are available as 30 x 30", signed, limited edition prints.