I may know the word, but not say it.
I may know the truth, but not face it.
I may know the sound, and turn my head, indifferent.
                                                                         Natalie Merchant


2017 -  in progress

Expressing vulnerability to a wide audience is its own kind of political, because you
are going against everyone who says you can't feel that way.    Sophie Allison, Soccer Moms

Bailey woods 1.jpg

'Sleeping Beauty' explores the elusive and uncomfortable feelings of powerlessness. To be accepted we must make ourselves small. 
I am interested in the feelings we hide that stop us from standing and speaking up.

Positioned in the grass, faces near the ground, the young women and girls in this series lie in a vulnerable position at
the same time, aware. Throughout my work I explore the role of power and trust on both sides of the camera.

My hope is that people will identify parts of themselves in the fear, pride, reticence and strength of the models, that exists in all of us.