2017 -  in progress

JENNA 2.jpg

 "Sleeping Beauty" is about the things we hide and the secrets we keep. The women and girls in this series lie in a
vulnerable position, grounded, but at the same time aware. 
This project investigates the elusive balance between
strength and vulnerability, intensity and restraint - the tightrope between wanting to communicate and the fear of being
exposed. Paying attention to what I bring
to the photographic encounter, I explore the roles of power and trust on both
sides of
the camera. I am interested in the human and universal combination of fear, reticence and strength that exists in
all of us.  "Sleeping Beauty" refers to the fragile and ferocious strength that lies hidden, unsettled, waiting to pounce.
In my practice I want to describe who we are and how it feels to be  human. In the words of Richard Avedon, on making
a portrait - "For a moment, it becomes possible to inhabit a world where you understand each other perfectly."


                                        All photographs in this series available as 30 x 30"  signed, limited edition prints

A number of short videos accompany this series.