2017 -  in progress

Ava 4.jpg

 The women and girls in "Sleeping Beauty" lie outdoors on the ground in a vulnerable position, yet they are alert and aware.  
The portraits highlight the capacity for strength and knowledge that lies below the surface, unseen, and unsettled, contradicting
the viewer’s tendency to see the individuals as helpless damsels. I explore the roles of power and trust on both sides of the
camera, paying attention to what I bring to the photographic encounter. I want to describe what it feels like to be a woman,
to be human, by experiencing fully the range of emotions we have the capacity to feel.

I recently started incorporating video in my work as a way to capture an extended portrait, as well as to introduce
a performative aspect involving the viewer. To this end the viewer becomes a collaborator in the process.

 All photographs in this series available as 30 x 30"  signed, limited edition prints